What Are Two Main Things Guys Look for in a Potential Girlfriend Aside From Looks?

Guys are looking for girlfriends they can relate to.
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Have you ever done a double take when you see a couple pair up and you wonder, “What in world does he see in her?” On the surface, it may seem that guys have a special set of rules they follow when they’re looking for a potential girlfriend. The truth lies beneath the surface.

1 Similarity Is Sweet

It can be romantic to watch two opposite kinds of people meet and fall in love. He’s super shy and she’s the life of party. She’s the brainy one and he’s the jock. But that only really works on TV. In reality, most guys prefer girls who are similar to them. And in this area, there is no need to worry about having too much of a good thing. In a guy’s book, having a similar upbringing and similar values, similar beliefs in cultural, political or environmental issues -- sharing a love for goofy movies, and preferences for the same thin-crust pizza -- are all a plus.

2 Confidence Is Attractive

A confident girl is a desirable girl, says Alexandra Churchill, a relationship blogger on the website YourTango. Few things make a guy run for the hills faster than meeting a girl who constantly seeks his approval. Lacking confidence communicates that you don’t trust your own judgment and need others to make you feel good about yourself. So when you’re out with a guy, order food without asking for his advice. And have confidence in your new hair style without asking for his opinion. You may find that he wants to be around you more and more.

Nina Edwards holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and has been writing about families and relationships since 2000. She has numerous publications in scholarly journals and often writes for relationship websites as well. Edwards is a university lecturer and practicing psychologist in New York City.