Attracting a man with a huge ego is not all about looks.

Attraction is a large part of any dating relationship. Before any words are spoken, two people decide to pursue each other based on physical attraction. Attracting a man with a huge ego can be especially challenging because this type of man is used to women throwing themselves in his direction. This is probably one of the main causes for his huge ego. But if you follow a few simple steps, you'll not only turn his head, but you will stand ahead of the pack.

Maintain your outer appearance. Physical beauty is a large part of attraction especially when dealing with a man with a huge ego. A man with an ego the size of an elephant will want a mate who he feels is equally as attractive as he perceives himself to be. Make sure to keep your hair, nails and makeup done, and you'll be sure to catch his eye.

Play it cool. Every man likes a challenge. Once they see something they want, they go after it. If it comes too easily they will lose interest. Men love the thrill of the chase. Pretend not to be interested in him. This might bruise his ego, but it will make him want to work even harder to win your affection. Play hard to get and you won't be sorry.

Exude confidence. Men like a woman who is sure of herself. Show him that you are not intimidated by his success, good looks or the evil stares you get from other women when the two of you are out together. Make him feel that he is actually the one who is lucky to be out with you.

Make him feel like a man. Men like to feel needed. A man with a huge ego takes pride in his ability to provide for and protect the woman he is dating. Allow him to pick up the check or open the car door for you. Not only will this make you feel like a princess, but it also will make him feel like more of a man.

Be his friend. A man with a huge ego feels he must always appear to have everything under control. He must always be strong and never appear weak. As a result, he probably feels there is no one he can confide in. Be that ear he can trust to listen and not judge him. In return, he will let down his guard and let you into his heart.


  • Ask yourself this question: Why do I want to be in a relationship with a man who has a huge ego? Having a huge ego is very different from having self confidence. A huge ego could be a sign of narcissism, which means the person is lacking in empathy, could be very controlling, manipulative, acts superior to you and, overall, very destructive to people involved in a relationship with them. Narcissists also can be very charismatic and exciting; just remember, as fun and exciting as they can be, they also can be equally cruel. When you are dating them, you may see some of this behavior directed at other people, but it will eventually be directed at you. Even if the person is not a narcissist, there is a very good chance that he will place himself first and not treat you as an equal. An oversized ego is a coverup for low self esteem and will impede intimacy. Avoid egomaniacs and save yourself from the tediousness of ego stroking.