What Do Guys Look for in a Girlfriend & Long Term Relationships?

More talking means a better relationship.
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Ask 100 guys what they want in a girl and you'll get 100 different answers. There are a few things, however, every guy wants, or at least should want, in the girl he chooses to date. It won't matter what his "type" is, a girl worth having is going to possess qualities he can't live without.

1 Intellectual Challenge

A guy hates boredom. A girl who challenges him intellectually can be exciting. Exciting is good. In the Psychology Today article, "Six Clues to Character," Hara Estroff Marano writes that intelligence is "the most stable quality over time." It is consistent. Guys do not want you to agree with them all the time. A desirable girl will keep him guessing about what is going to come out of her mouth. She does not have to be knowledgeable about all the things he is into, but she should know her mind and interests. Keeping him on his toes by asking him questions is always good, too.

2 Inner Strength

A girl who can take care of herself is a prize. It is more than a little appealing when she does not need a man but is happy to have him along for the ride. She is a partner. She is a supporter. She contributes. Guys want a partner, someone who will help make decisions, said Teri L. Orbuch, family and marriage therapist, quoted in a Huffington Post interview. She will let a man open a door for her yet still change her own flat tire. Real strength in a woman looks an awful lot like self-confidence without the arrogance.

3 A Sense of Humor

Face it. Humor is sexy. Guys like a girl who can make them laugh. It shows intelligence, friendliness and the ability to not take life too seriously. Being able to joke and laugh together can be bonding in a relationship. It creates a very specific kind of joy for both people. It exhibits creativity and can be useful in smoothing over difficult times by breaking up the tension. Humor is also indicative of an ability to bounce back from less enjoyable emotions.

4 A Source of Support

It is a unique and desirable thing when a girl can make a guy feel stronger with the support she gives him. It is an ability to offer help or strength when times get rough without making him feel like less of a man. A girl who can do this will make him feel invincible. The encouragement she provides will contribute to his security in the relationship and create an environment of peace. She makes him feel strong.

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