How to Import AVCHD to a Mac

Import AVCHD files using your Mac's built-in iMovie app.
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Many digital video recording devices save recordings in the AVCHD format, a high-definition format developed by Sony and Panasonic. It's supported by most media players and operating systems, including OS X via its native QuickTime software. If you need to edit or save your footage in another format, import the AVCHD files into your Mac's built-in iMovie application.

1 Importing With iMovie

Set your camera to mass storage or computer-connection mode, connect it to your Mac via a USB cable, and then select the AVCHD file from the hard disk during the import process. Alternatively, connect the camera's SD card to your computer via a USB card reader or SD card slot, and then select the footage from there. In either case, the footage is imported into iMovie like any other clip.