Your little guy will love doing something fun with you.

Enrolling your little one in a toddler program can be beneficial for both of you. Toddlers are little bundles of endless energy and they need a way to put that energy to good use. Thankfully, there are many ways to do just that when living in or visiting Billerica, Massachusetts. So get out there and do something you both enjoy together, giving you the opportunity to take a breather while your little fireball does his thing.

The Billerica Public Library

Your toddler will love spending some time with you in the children's section of the Billerica Public Library ( At Story Theatre, your toddler can enjoy stories with other little ones his age and bring the stories to life through creative play and drama. Stop by W'one'derful Ones' Storyhour so your toddler can participate in stories and activities with other children ages 12-months to 24-months. Older toddlers can take part in Terrific Twos and Threes Storyhour. Whichever program you choose for your toddler, he is sure to have a great time and you'll love getting to watch him make new friends. You may even meet some new friends yourself while visiting with the other moms.

Flip City Gymnastics

If you are looking for a more active type of toddler program for your little daredevil, then the programs at Flip City Gymnastics ( may be perfect for him. This facility is a state-of-the-art, kid-friendly gymnastics center featuring 10,000 square feet of clean, safe equipment. Toddler programs include Tumble Tots and Tumble Bugs. Tumble Tots is for your 15-month to 22-month-old and a parent. This 45-minute class teaches the beginning basics of gymnastics in an engaging way. It takes place on Monday and Friday mornings. Tumble Bugs is for your older toddler, 20-months to 3-years and continues on with basic gymnastics. You will attend this class with your toddler on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday mornings. These active programs can be a great learning experience for him, not to mention the quality time spent together.

Music Together

If you are looking for something more artistic to do with your cutie pie, check out the toddler program at Music Together ( The folks at Music Together believe all children are musical and their goal is to help you nurture the musical growth of your toddler, whether you are musically inclined or can't carry a tune in a bucket. Music Together programs build on your little one's natural enthusiasm for music and movement. You and your toddler can join a mixed age class where the parents model interest and joy in music to get their children excited about it. Toddlers can shake rattles, bounce to a beat and learn to sing along. Don't be embarrassed if you aren't the best singer or dancer in the world, your toddler sure won't care. He will just love getting to sing and dance with you and all the other kids.

The Learning Experience

If you are looking for a toddler program where you can drop your little angel off to enjoy some alone time, The Learning Experience ( may be just the thing. This childcare facility has an educational toddler program for 2-year-olds, where caring teachers encourage toddlers through exploration and discovery with activities, music, movement, fitness and free play. Check out the age-appropriate outdoor playground where your bundle of energy can run, jump and climb all he wants. Your little one will love getting to spend this time with other children his age and will get a kick out of all the fun events, like pajama day and pizza day. This is a safe, clean, nurturing environment where you can be sure your toddler is getting the care you expect, with part-time and full-time programs available.