Dropbox uses some of your network’s bandwidth to upload your iPad files and media. When you need all the bandwidth you can get for other needs, or if you find that you are uploading more data than you expected, you can pause a Dropbox upload and then resume uploading later.

Stop a Dropbox Upload

The Dropbox app on the iPad doesn’t give you a "pause upload" option, but you can stop your iPad's connection to either Dropbox or the Internet to stop an upload. For the first method, tap “Settings” within the Dropbox app, followed by “Unlink iPad from Dropbox” and then “Unlink iPad” to confirm. For the second method, access “Settings” and then either toggle the “Airplane Mode” switch to “On” or toggle the individual Wi-Fi and Cellular Dropbox switches to “Off,” whichever you’ve allowed Dropbox to use. To resume uploading, relink the iPad by signing into your Dropbox account through the app or restore original Wi-Fi and cellular switch settings. Beware, though: These measures lead to losing your Dropbox Favorites designations or Web access. Always try to stop Dropbox uploads via your computer instead.