The Steps to the First Kiss With Your Girlfriend

Be soft, gentle and delicate when going in for the kiss.
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Few things are more exciting -- or nerve-wracking -- than young love. You've come this far and have already impressed her, exchanged contact information with her and perhaps even taken her out on your first date. All of that has led up to this highly anticipated moment: the first kiss. Learn how to make it magical and memorable for both of you in a few simple steps.

Consider how your surrounding circumstances can heighten or hamper your first kiss with your girlfriend, and be sensitive to those external factors when deciding if the time is right. The profoundness and innocent joy of moments such as those in which the two of you gaze at the stars or make snow angels can give a first kiss that sense of magic and transform it into a bonding experience. A forced or hurried kiss in the middle of the school hallway or at a noisy party can, on the other hand, diminish the experience.

Don't plan the kiss in advance, rush it or force it to happen. A first kiss should be spontaneous and natural -- too much planning can make you nervous or turn the encounter into a stressful experience. A calculated, rushed or forced kiss can also be awkward for you both.

Brush your teeth before seeing your girlfriend. It's important to have fresh, clean breath. Keep a box of mints handy if you feel like you could use it, but never kiss with a mint, candy or gum in your mouth. Also, keep your lips slightly moist by wearing lip balm. Knowing your breath and lips are ready can help you feel confident when the time is right.

Slowly approach your girlfriend and tilt your head to the side to go in for the kiss when the moment is right. Close your eyes just before your lips touch, open your mouth slightly and gently press your lips over your girlfriend's. Make sure to be attentive and respond to cues from your girlfriend concerning her comfort level. Otherwise, let the moment take you from there!

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