Cute Way to Give My Girlfriend Her First Kiss

Keeping mints and gum handy before the first kiss can set the proper stage.
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Whether you are a seasoned kisser or a first-timer just like your girlfriend, coming up with a way to give a cute first kiss can leave you both excited and anxious. There are several ways to deliver a kiss in a memorable fashion for both of you. No matter how the first kiss goes, remember that the two of you are likely to have plenty more time to practice.

1 Picking the Location

Incorporating your first kiss into a romantic date, like kissing on the beach, after finishing a game of miniature golf or while building a snowman can be memorable, according to the "Seventeen" magazine article "First Kiss Stories." Locking lips after seeing a romantic movie, at one of your homes after spending the day together or after a school dance could also create a memorable first kiss for your girlfriend. Giving her a kiss while you are watching the stars or a fireworks show, during a light rainstorm, while riding on a ferris wheel, under the mistletoe or when the ball is dropping on New Year's Eve can also be romantic.

2 Creating the Moment

If a convenient and memorable opportunity to give her a first kiss is not coming up soon, you can create your own. Kissing her while taking a stroll through the park or having a picnic together will send hearts aflutter. For an old-fashioned twist, you might start by kissing her hand or kiss her over milkshakes, suggests the "Cosmopolitan" online article, "Old-School Romantic Ideas." Delivering a handwritten love note, along with flowers and a first kiss, can also give her something to remember.

3 First Kiss Techniques

Your kissing technique can hold as much sway as the location and timing of a first kiss. You might give a few light, lingering kisses on her lips before gently sucking on her bottom lip, recommends the "Seventeen" online article, "Kissing Style -- Five Hot New Ways to Kiss." Smaller kisses can also be the lead-in for the "big" kiss -- you might kiss her forehead, the tip of her nose and her chin before moving onto her mouth. Showing assertiveness, like gently pulling her to you for the first kiss, may also be an attractive way to start off, asserts social psychologist Jeremy Nicholson, in the "Psychology Today" online article "How to Kiss Persuasively."

4 Proceed With Caution

Even if you are a seasoned kisser, going slowly gives your girlfriend the opportunity to explore and learn at her own comfortable pace. A soft, gentle kiss may be ideal when having a first kiss, according to Nicholson. While spontaneous kisses can be a welcome surprise, they can also cause awkwardness and discomfort for the person on the receiving end. Starting off with gently touching her arm and hugging her can help you build toward that first shared smooch.

Candice Coleman worked in the public school system as a middle school and high school substitute teacher. In addition to teaching, she is also a tutor for high school and college students.