How Do Shy Men Hint for a Kiss From a Woman?

Shy men sometimes have a deep fear of rejection, so they avoid making the first move.
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While many men take initiative when it comes to kissing a woman, shy men may be reluctant to make the first move out of fear of rejection or discomfort with intimacy. Even though shy men might move slowly, they might also give cues that they are interested in taking the romance to the next level. In such cases, it might be worth making the first move and stealing a kiss, although respecting a man’s personal space is also important.

1 Body Language

Shy men might hint for a kiss from a woman by moving closer or initiating other forms of physical contact, such as holding hands, hugging, locking eyes, smiling and laughing. Some shy men may feel uncomfortable with any intimacy, however. Even though a man may be interested in a kiss, he might still appear nervous with any affection, explains psychologist Romeo Vitelli in “Psychology Today.” This can make it difficult to know how to gauge his interest in a kiss.

2 Trust Your Instincts

Psychologists with explain that trusting your instincts are important in reading nonverbal cues, such as clues a shy man might give off. In other words, even if a shy man looks tense around you -- if your gut instincts tell you he enjoyed the tender or romantic times you shared -- he might actually want a kiss. Before testing your instinctive hypotheses, however, take some time to get to know your shy man so you can get a better picture of what makes him feel comfortable.

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