Songs About Kindness for Preschool Children

Songs about kindness encourage your little one to share and help others.
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You want your little one to remember to be kind to everyone. You can use songs about kindness to encourage kind and thoughtful behaviors such as sharing, helping others and making others feel welcome. If you and your preschooler enjoy singing, you can sprinkle the songs throughout her day, or sing a few bars when your child isn’t behaving with kindness and consideration. Check the Resources section here to find the tunes for each song.

1 Nursery Rhymes

There are a few nursery rhymes with tunes you can teach your child. “When the Snow Is on the Ground” is a nursery rhyme about feeding bread crumbs to a robin so it doesn’t starve. The nursery rhyme “I Love Little Pussy” is a song about a child who treats her pet with kindness so they can play peaceably.

2 Commercial Kids' Songs

Your child can learn kindness from modern songs for kids. Options include “Show Kindness Every Day” by Jack Hartmann, “Fill Your Bucket” by The Learning Station and “Helping Hands” from “The Magic of Love” album. If you’re looking for a song with a biblical foundation, consider “The Fruit Song,” which lists the fruits of the spirit as found in Galatians 5:22-23. Your little one will enjoy thinking about real fruits that go with each spiritual fruit, including kindness depicted as a banana.

3 Sing the Chorus

Some songs work better with preschoolers if you sing the verse and your little one sings the chorus with you. One option includes “If You’ll Be Kind to Others” from the Kiddie Viddie series. The chorus says, “If you’ll be kind to others, they’ll be kind to you. Just give a little cheering up and see what love can do.” Another option where you can sing the verses and bridge is “We Can Be Kind” with music and lyrics by David Friedman and performed by Nancy Lamot. The chorus of this song says, “We can be kind. We can take care of each other. We can remember that deep down inside we all need the same things. And maybe we’ll find if we are there for each other we’ll weather whatever tomorrow may bring.”

4 Sing Songs, Familiar Tunes

If you're inventive, you can write your own lyrics to familiar kids' songs. For example, use “Three Blind Mice” to sing “Three kind mice, three kind mice. Kind as they can be. They always share their corn and cheese. They always say ‘thanks’ and ‘please.’ They remember it’s not nice to tease. They're three kind mice.” If you don’t want to write lyrics, Random Acts of Kindness provides some preschool songs on its website. You can also find kindness songs on the Loving Learning website.

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