What Are the Signs of My Girlfriend Losing Interest in Me?

Your girlfriend's behavior can signal that she is losing interest.
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A change in your girlfriend’s behavior may signal a shift in her level of commitment to your relationship. Successful relationships require commitment, compromise and communication from both partners. It is normal for you and your girlfriend to experience a few not-so-loving moments, but if your instincts tell you that the problems exceed the normal ups and downs, pay attention to some of the signs that she may be losing interest in you.

1 The Disappearing Act

You may smile when you think about the times you saw your girlfriend between classes during the school day and how you enjoyed being together during the weekends. But if she is now difficult to find and makes excuses for why you can’t get together, this is a red flag. Spending increasing amounts of time apart suggests that your relationship may be in trouble, according to psychologist Stephanie Sarkis in the Psychology Today article, “7 Signs You’re Headed for a Breakup.”

2 Nitpicking and Nagging

One of the features of a successful relationship is recognizing and accepting your partner’s imperfections, according to the online article, “Qualities of a Healthy Relationship” on the Two of Us website. It is unlikely that your girlfriend entered the relationship with plans to give your habits and personality a radical overhaul. If she now criticizes everything about you, from the way you organize your locker to how you dress, she is communicating her displeasure. Consider this behavior a sign that she is losing interest.

3 The Silent Treatment

In the early stages of a new relationship, there’s always something to talk about. You are learning as much as you can about one another and the more you discover, the more you want to know. The initial giddiness that inspires many late night conversations may cool over time, but sharing the large and small details about your day remains important. Communication keeps you connected to your girlfriend. If your conversations have become one-sided and she has little to say, this may be a sign that she is losing interest in you.

4 Shopping Around

If your girlfriend acquires an interest in someone else, she may appear disinterested in you. Look for behaviors that may communicate that she is considering a breakup and moving on, advises counselor Elly Prior in the Professional-Counselling.com article, “Signs of Infidelity.” Warning signs are dropping another guy’s name into a conversation more than once and breaking dates with you. If her friends appear uncomfortable around you, this might be another clue that your girlfriend is giving her heart to someone new.