Is It Considered Cheating to Kiss Someone Else When You Have a Boyfriend Already?

Who you kiss and the type of kiss may determine whether the kiss is cheating.
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What one person believes is cheating might not be considered cheating by another person, according to a 2013 study in Evolutionary Psychology. If you want to know whether your current boyfriend thinks kissing someone else is cheating, you should ask him. If you think it’s cheating, don’t do it.

1 Perceptions Differ

Forty-eight percent of participants said that kissing someone on the lips was cheating in a joint survey conducted by The Huffington Post and YouGov. If you would consider the kiss cheating if you saw your boyfriend kissing someone one else, follow the Golden Rule and don't kiss someone else.

2 Who You Kiss

If you are kissing an old boyfriend, someone you have a crush on or your best friend’s boyfriend, many in your circle will believe your behavior is cheating. If the person you kiss is a relative or a friend you’ve known for many years with no romantic attachment -- it might be OK.

3 Negotiating Behaviors

If you and your boyfriend have differing ideas about what is cheating and what isn't, discuss acceptable behaviors such as texting, chatting, holding hands, spending time together and going out with someone you are attracted to. Then you can decide if a kiss will break up your relationship.

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