What Are the Signs Your Boyfriend Is Ashamed of Dating You?

Your boyfriend may be showing signs that he's ashamed to be in a relationship with you.
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When you're in a relationship with someone you really like, it can be disheartening to feel like he is not proud to be with you. He doesn't have to be shouting his love for you from a skyscraper, but feeling like you’re not wanted can cause insecurities and deep hurt. There are some clear signs that your boyfriend is embarrassed to be dating you. If any signs sound familiar to your situation, you may want to ask yourself whether you still want to be in the relationship.

1 Just a "Friend"

If your boyfriend never refers to you as his girlfriend or boyfriend -- whether it's when you're alone together or he's talking about you in public -- he may be uncomfortable with letting other people know about your relationship status. This doesn't just go for in-person meetings. You may be nonexistent on his social networking page. If he refuses to change his relationship status and posts no pictures of the two of you together, he may not want people to know about his involvement with you.

2 Dates on the Down Low

Whenever you meet up, your boyfriend always suggests keeping dates low key. He may prefer that hangouts be your house, his house or a location where you won't bump into people he knows. If you're tired of movie nights in the house, or going out of your way to meet up in a different town, suggest a date at your local restaurant or movie theater and see if it makes him uncomfortable. Any squirming or hesitation is a hint that he wants to hide your relationship from the outside world.

3 No Public Affection

When you do get the chance to be together in public -- whether it is bumping into each other in the school halls or at a party with friends -- he keeps some physical and emotional space between you. He doesn't show affection that says "this is my girlfriend," such as kissing your cheek or putting his arm around you. Some people are uncomfortable with excessive public displays of affection, but if he refuses to show some fondness for you in public -- even in little ways, like holding your hand -- it could mean he doesn’t want people to know how he feels about you.

4 Stranger to Friends and Family

Another way he's telling you he's ashamed is if he continues to postpone a meeting between you and his loved ones. He may fear that you will not meet their expectations and that they will disapprove of you. He may think you won’t get along with his family and friends, and might even be hiding the relationship from them. Likewise, if he refuses to meet your family and friends, it’s a sign that he doesn’t want to get too close to you, and he may be ashamed to be presented as your boyfriend to those close to you.

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