The Differences Between Boyfriends & Friends With Benefits

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It's hard not to get excited when you start developing feelings for a new flame. However, as you start talking about him to others, you find yourself stopping in mid-sentence to wonder what you should call him. Should you be referring to him as the boyfriend or is he nothing more than the occasional evening romp? Suddenly, you're not so sure. However, there may be a few things he's already doing that will tell you loud and clear if he's serious or just a temporary situation.

1 Amount of Quality Time

A boyfriend wants to maximize his time with you. He doesn't rush off after sticking around for an hour nor does he relegate you to the 2 a.m. hook-up session, only to leave right afterward. Instead, a boyfriend not only makes the time, but makes you a highlight of his plans so that you spend meaningful time together.

2 Meeting Your Friends

A guy that's simply looking to hook up isn't usually interested in getting involved with other parts of your life, which includes meeting other people you know. That's why, if he is a boyfriend, he'd appreciate meeting your friends. Not only is he showing you that he's a good sport, but it also means that he wants to get involved in your life by meeting others that matter to you.

3 Contact When You're Apart

The guy that qualifies as a Friend With Benefits isn't making much of an effort to contact you outside of his request for a romp session. However, if he's a boyfriend, he contacts you when you're not together whether that's a text, email, phone call or tweet. In other words, he's making an effort to find you which means you're on his mind.

4 Making Plans

If he's a boyfriend, he plans his time with you not just for the night, but into the immediate future. He's factoring you into his weekends, whether it's making arrangements for dinner, picking up tickets to a concert or planning to take you to a movie on opening weekend. If he's really serious, he'll put a lot of care into very special plans, such as a meeting with the parents or an intimate weekend getaway. Either way, thinking ahead is a sign that he's certainly a boyfriend.

5 Labels

A man that can be considered a boyfriend wants you in his life and is not afraid to attach a label to it. He introduces you to other people as his girlfriend, too. This differs from the "Friend With Benefits" who's often more cautious of labels and what those mean. He'll refer to you as a friend, either because he's not certain about you, doesn't feel strongly or wants to keep his options open. Either way, a fear of labels means he hasn't given you a place in his life and he'll likely hesitate to define what you are to each other. While it is always possible he may have some fears, it is best to keep your focus on the man that sees you as a partner, and not just as an occasional fling.

Grace Calderon, a writer and communications professional, holds a master's degree in sociology. She currently focuses on relationships and celebrities and has conducted TV and radio interviews on these topics. Her work has also appeared in outlets such as YourTango and Starpulse.