How to Know if a Guy Is Serious about Moving Forward in a Relationship

There may be signs that he has a serious interest in you.
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The two of you have been on several stellar dates, and it seems like the relationship is progressing in a long-term direction. Even though you've touched on the subject of moving forward, knowing if your guy is serious about taking things to the next level is key. From outright asking him to looking for subtle signs, you can assess the situation and figure out where your relationship is heading.

1 Promises and Pledges

If moving forward in your relationship means getting a commitment from him, you'll want a verbal pledge that says, "we're going to stick together," suggests the TeensHealth article "Love and Romance." Entering into a committed relationship involves an agreed-upon understanding that you both make clear. If your boyfriend is serious about going from casual to committed, he needs to state what his intentions are. Whether you start the conversation or he does, promising to stay together for the long-term is a surefire sign that he's serious.

2 A Bond

Although an initial infatuation or a puppy-love crush may be a step toward becoming a full-fledged couple, it doesn't mean that the two of you are in a relationship. Taking your situation from just dating to a long-term relationship requires creating a close bond. If your guy is making an honest effort to get to know the real you, it's likely that he's getting serious about you. Getting to know each other should go beyond superficial qualities to deeper aspects such as hopes, dreams, life goals and even fears.

3 Only You?

Is your guy dating just you or is he seeing several different people? If he's got a lunch date with Pat, dinner with you and a late-night study session with Avery, chances are that he isn't very serious about your relationship. On the other hand, if there aren't any other people on his mind -- or in his calendar -- he's showing you that he's ready to make it exclusive. Keep in mind that not seeing him date other people doesn't mean he's exclusive to you. Get it out in the open and ask if it's just the two of you or if he's still exploring other options.

4 A Respectable Date

Without respect, you can't have a real relationship, notes the Palo Alto Medical Foundations's article "Respect." Although respect is essential in any partnership -- whether it's casual or intimate -- the more respect that your guy shows you, the more serious he is. If you're "just having fun," he may not truly care about your beliefs or opinions. When he begins to respect you for real and makes an effort to better understand your values, it's a sign that your relationship is moving toward a deeper place.

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