What Are Signs That Your Ex-Boyfriend Doesn't Want to Let Go of You?

Rehashing your breakup is a sign that he isn't ready to cut ties with you.
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You thought you made it crystal clear when you broke things off, but your ex-boyfriend is still holding on. Whether he is still texting you, asks you to go out or is trying to force you into a friendship, knowing what the signs are that show he doesn't want to let go can help you stop his bothersome behaviors.

1 Constant Communication

It's 10 p.m. and you're getting what seems like the 50th text of the day from your ex. If your ex is still in constant communication with you, it's a sign that he isn't ready to let go. Unless you have something that's still honestly holding you together -- such as working out a sublet agreement on the off-campus apartment you were renting together -- there's no reason that he should contact you. Texting you just to ask, "What's up?" or calling to see how you're doing are things that a boyfriend, and not an ex, does. Your ex needs time and space to get over his heartache. Keeping up the constant communication won't allow him to do this and shows that he's not willing to let go.

2 Internet Interest

Even though you know that "de-friending" your ex on your social media page is the best way to go, he has somehow convinced you not to. You feel badly about the breakup, so you allow him to stay Facebook friends with you. That's when you notice he's somewhat of a stalker. If he "likes" your latest posts, comments on your pictures or private messages you when you're online, it's clear that he can't let go.

3 Hanging Out

Just like texting and talking on the phone don't offer the time or space that your ex needs to heal his heart, seeing him in person is also an obstacle to his relationship recovery. If your ex-boyfriend is hanging around your social circle, you're seeing a sign that he's not over you yet. For example, he knows that you and your friends always hang out at the local coffee house on Friday nights. Even though he had no interest in doing this before he met you, or during your relationship, suddenly he's showing up when he knows that you'll be there.

4 Forced Friends

When the two of you broke up, you thought that you were both done seeing each other. Without a relationship to hold you together, you don't see any reason to have him around. Unlike you, he wants to turn your failed romance into a friendship. When your ex presses you to remain friends after the breakup, it's likely that he isn't ready to let you go. He may feel like he can't cope without you in his life just yet. Instead of getting over the breakup, pressuring you to become his "friend" is a ploy to keep you close to him.

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