What Are Signs That a Guy Isn't Over His Ex-Girlfriend?

Pay attention to signs that he may still be hung up on his ex.
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Getting over a breakup can take time, but when you’re seeing a new guy, you want to be sure that he is completely over his ex-girlfriend. Although it is normal for people to mention an ex or talk about previous relationships when entering new ones, you don’t want to date a guy whose mind is still occupied by an old girlfriend. Watch for obsessive behaviors and signs that he still has not let her go.

1 He Brings Her Up Constantly

You may find that you are tired of hearing his ex’s name, because he is constantly referring to her in every conversation. It seems that everything reminds him of her and he does not hesitate to bring her up -- every chance he gets. This means he still spends a significant amount of time thinking about her, which likely means he is not over her, yet.

2 He Compares You to Her

A guy that constantly compares you to his ex shows that he is still holding his past relationship close to his heart and mind. Even if he compliments you and insults his ex, it can still be a bad sign. He may say, “I am so glad you like the same music as me. She never went to concerts with me.” If the comparisons are excessive, it means he has not emotionally disconnected from her yet. If he is still bitter and obsessively talks about how she is a bad person, he may still be in the very early stages of getting over her.

3 He Keeps Tabs on Her

He is still pining over his ex if he has her blog bookmarked on his browser or if he is refreshing her social media pages every half an hour. He may want to see what she is up to or he may be checking to see if she is in a new relationship. Either way, he still cares about what is going on in her life and fears that he may be replaced. He might even take it a step further and ask mutual friends how she is doing and who she is dating. This is a sign that he has not completely let her go. Another sign that he hasn’t moved on is if he keeps old photos of them together, or old emails and texts.

4 He Talks to Her Regularly

Although it is not wrong for him to want to be friends with his ex-girlfriend, if he is talking to her and hanging out at the same rate that they were than they were dating, it may be cause for concern. It can be harder to move on from an ex if he hasn’t had a bit of a healthy separation, according to clinical psychologist Jennifer Oikle in the article, “5 Signs He’s Not Over His Ex” on YourTango. A close relationship with his ex can be a threat to the romance that you may have budding with him. Being in constant contact with her may mean that neither have given themselves the time and space to grow apart from each other, despite the change in their relationship status.

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