How to Run for Class President in the 3rd Grade

Take a leadership role by becoming class president.
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Securing the job of class president can be a great way to take a leadership role at your school. In many elementary schools, students have the opportunity to run for class office. Those elected to the role of president, vice present or treasurer work closely with school staff to carry out the wishes of the student body and make the school a better place for all pupils to learn. If you think that you are the right person for the job of third grade class president, throw your hat into the ring and convince your classmates to vote for you come election day.

You may need to get your name on the ballot
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Secure a nomination. In some schools, a student interested in running for class president will need to apply to get her name on the ballot. In others, classmates nominate potential candidates. If you are required to apply, ask a teacher how to go about doing this. If you need a classmate to nominate you, express your desire to become president to some of your friends, and ask them to nominate you for the job.

A president needs to show he/she can be a leader
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Act like a leader. If you want to be president, you have to make it clear that you are a leader. Be responsible and helpful. Do your best to be a good role model to your peers and act appropriately at all times so that others can see that you deserve to be president.

Listen to government advisers for what to do
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Listen to the advice the student government advisers give you. Once you have been nominated, you will likely meet with the teachers in charge of the student government program. They will inform you of what you need to do and when you need to do it. Listen carefully to these advisers as they may inform you of rules that you need to follow as you campaign.

Posters are an effective way to get attention
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Create posters to promote yourself. A well-made poster can be highly effective in prompting peers to vote for you. Create colorful, attention getting posters that prominently feature your name. Do not clutter your posters with words, but do include a brief statement that explains why you would make a good president, such as “Vote Sarah: A responsible president!”

Speeches will show others why to vote for you
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Compose a speech aimed at convincing your peers that you are right for the job. Include a detailed explanation of why your peers should vote for you. While you want to convince voters, you shouldn't make promises that you can't keep. Don't, for example, tell you classmates that if you win they will get free ice cream every day, as you clearly cannot follow through on this promise.

Remind people to vote before election day
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Hand out last-minute reminders the day before the elections. If your school rules allow it, you can sway last minute voters by handing out a small token, such as a sucker, with a message reminding them to vote for you on election day.

Election win or loss, be proud of yourself
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Prepare yourself for victory or loss. Regardless of whether you win or lose, be proud of yourself and confident in your abilities. Even if you don't win, it doesn't mean that people don't like you or that you wouldn't be a good leader. You can always run again in future years and, perhaps, eventually take the president's seat.

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