How to Create a Voter's Ballot Box

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Start off your next election with a trip to the recycling bin, even if saving the environment isn't one of your premiere campaign initiatives. Keeping in sync with the trend toward cutting down on waste by reducing and reusing, create a top notch homemade voter's ballot box from simple household items that might otherwise end up as waste. Run a clean election and provide a secure place for ballots to be cast while encouraging everyone to get out and vote.

1 Close a cardboard box

Securely close a cardboard box with packaging tape by attaching the lid or closing the flaps. The box should be secure so that it cannot be easily opened until after the election.

Glue newspaper to the ballot box for an interesting decoration.

2 Cover the entire box with decorative paper or paint

Cover the entire box with decorative paper or paint.

3 Cut a slot

Cut a slot in the center of the top of the box. The slot should be wide enough to fit a ballot and thin enough that you cannot see inside easily. An approximate measurement for the slot is 4 inches by a half-inch.

Label the outside of the box with the words "voter's ballot box" or "vote here".

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