How to Become School Head Boy or Head Girl

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How to Become School Head Boy or Head Girl. Becoming head boy or head girl of a school requires responsibility and popularity showcased for both students and teachers alike. As a representative of the student body and a liaison between students, teachers and administrators, the head boy and head girl carry a lot of weight on their shoulders. With proper preparation, you can position yourself for the powerful role of head boy or head girl.

1 Keep your record clean

Keep your record clean. The process for becoming head boy or head girl begins long before your final year in school. Throughout your educational career, stay out of trouble and make friends with everyone around you. Be respectful, obedient and responsible, so that your record reflects those characteristics when you apply to be head boy or head girl.

2 Take your school seriously

Take your school seriously. That means getting good grades and staying active in extracurricular events beyond your studies. If your school has a motto, chances are that statement reflects more than great grades, though that's probably a big part of it. Look at the motto and try to live so that your activities and service make the school look good--exactly what a school wants from its head boy or girl.

3 Remember that character matters

Remember that character matters. As head boy or girl, you carry a lot of responsibility, and your role in representing the school becomes larger and more visible than ever before. If you demonstrate that your character is strong, people are more willing to put you into a position of influence. Act like a great head boy or head girl before you even apply and your transition into the role can be quite smooth.

4 Sell yourself

Sell yourself. Even if you've done everything right leading up to the application process for becoming head boy or head girl, you still need to do a little bit of marketing. Don't be arrogant, but don't hesitate to point out your fine qualities and your dedication to the school--all in such a way that others can't doubt your suitableness for the role of head boy or head girl.

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