How to Fix an HTC One X Boot Loop

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If your HTC One X is stuck in a boot loop, you can use the HTC Recovery menu to restore original factory settings to your device. However, there are a couple of caveats. First, your HTC One X must be charged to at least 40 percent. Next, your original Android OS ROM must still be intact. If your operating system ROM is still available on the phone's internal memory, you can restore the One X without using additional software or development tools.

1 Power

Power off the HTC One X and leave the phone off for a full five minutes. Because you cannot remove the battery from the HTC One X, you must to make sure the device is powered off and the battery is providing no residual energy to the phone.

2 Charge the HTC

Charge the HTC One X to a full charge while leaving the phone off. If your phone is stuck in the boot loop and your phone is off while charging, you can tell when the charge has reached 100 percent when the LED indicator light turns from orange to green.

3 Unplug the phone

Unplug the phone from the charger and leave the phone off. Allow the phone to sit for five minutes once again to deplete any energy flow.

4 Press and hold the volume down key

Press and hold the volume down key, then press and hold the power key on the device. The Android Recovery menu appears on the screen. Release both buttons when the Android Recovery menu displays.

5 Press the volume down key

Press the volume down key to scroll to and highlight “Factory Reset.” Press the power key to select the option. The phone reverts to original factory software and settings. When the restoration is complete, the device reboots, then powers on.

  • A factory reset deletes all of your files, settings, media and apps. The original operating system and software is reinstalled on the phone.
  • If you cannot restore your phone using any of the suggested methods, your device is officially “bricked.”
  • Information provided in these steps applies to the HTC One X and X+. Instructions may vary slightly or significantly for other HC devices.
  • If you were attempting to root your phone when the boot loop problem first occurred, try the above steps before taking further action. If your ROM is intact, your device will be restored to factory defaults. If not, however, you can usually still recover your phone by obtaining the stock ROM from the manufacturer or a developer who specializes in rooting or recovery, then using app developers’ tools to restore the ROM (see Redmond Pie reference).

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