What Are Some "Manly Man" Nicknames a Girl Can Call Her Boyfriend?

Give him a manly nickname to show him you adore his muscles.
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You may want to give your boyfriend a nickname to let him know how special he is to you. Pet names may sound silly, but they are a normal part of a beginning romance, according to Dr. Richard E. Cytowic in his article "Terms of Endearment" for "Psychology Today." But, since your boyfriend is a manly type of guy, a cutesy nickname, such as "Cupcake," will not work for him. Instead, select a nickname reflecting his extra-masculine personality that he will be satisfied with.

1 Save the World

Give a popular action hero nickname to your boyfriend if he has a strong and mighty demeanor and is always there to help you out in tough situations. Calling him "Superman," "Hercules" or "The Hulk" will be fitting choices if he has a muscular physique. Name him "Tarzan" or "Spider-Man" if he's a guy with an adventurous nature who loves being spontaneous, going from place to place. "Batman" will work if he is mysterious and secretive. You could also simply use the name of his favorite superhero for his nickname.

2 Powerful Predators

The names of powerful animals will be perfect for a boyfriend who is protective. Give him a nickname of an animal that makes the other animals fearful. "Lion" will be fitting for him since the animal is king of the jungle. "Big Bear" will work if he makes you feel like you are hugging a soft teddy bear when you are in his arms. Name him "Tiger" or "Cougar" if his husky voice reminds you of a big cat's roar. Also, consider using his sports team's animal mascot as his nickname.

3 Rescue Me, Please!

Let your boyfriend know that his macho personality or physique reminds you of everyday heroes whose jobs are to help others. Call him "Fireman" since he's super hot to you and you adore his fiery personality. If your relationship started at a low point in your life or if he loves the beach, you can call him your "Life Saver." "Officer" will work if he is always ready to keep the bad guys away from you. Name him "Doctor" if you are practically breathless without him by your side.

4 Food Comparisons

Several names of foods will serve as fitting nicknames for a manly man to let him know how hot you think he is. Call him "Hot Chocolate" or "Hot Cocoa" if he has dark hair or dark brown eyes that just make your heart melt. Give him the name "Tabasco," "Chili," or "Jalapeno" because his attractiveness just takes your breath away. Or, turn a sweet food into a macho nickname, such as "Stud Muffin" or "Cookie Monster."

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