Names for Dogs with Two Different Colors on Their Faces

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Of all of the physical characteristics that can occur in a dog, a two-toned face is probably the most noticeable. Many owners use this unique characteristic to derive the perfect name for their pooches. Finding a name for your masked mutt will become fun once you realize the many sources of inspiration from which you can draw. Think of references of masked or bi-colored things in popular culture, history, nature and art, and you will be able to find the perfect name for your pet.

1 Masked Avengers

Border Collie with a double mask.

A "mask" describes the dark-colored fur that covers one or both of your dog's eyes. The mask usually resembles the type of mask worn by superheroes, criminals or characters in fiction who seek vigilante justice. Make a list of your favorite masked characters from history or pop culture to inspire a name for your dog. Names like Zorro, Pancho Villa, the Lone Ranger and Bandit elicit images of the Old West. Eastern culture provides another source of inspiration: words related to Japanese Kabuki actors, who perform in masks, or names associated with ninja culture may lead you to the perfect name.

2 Textile-inspired Names

Combining words can result in a unique name for your pet.

A name related to quilting, sewing or knitting may be a match for a soft, masked dog. Think of fabrics, notions or other items related to sewing: Patches, Button, Spot and Stitch are good starting points. Readers of Vladimir Nabokov's famous "Lolita" might fancy the name Quilty. Combine an adjective and a noun for an especially unique name. Blue Velvet, for example, might be perfect for your dog if you love surrealist films.

3 Doppelgangers in Nature

A raccoon is another animal with a masked face.

Dogs are not the only animals in nature with two-toned faces: the skunk, badger and raccoon also share this trait. Perhaps your dog's resemblance to one of these masked animals can inspire the perfect name. For an even more unique twist, try an animal word in a different language: "Mofeta" or "Mouffette" for skunk, or "Mika" or "Miko" for raccoon, for example. Names of famous animals might inspire you too: think Pepe LePew of Looney Toons fame.

4 Outside the Box

Ideas for good names can be found in surprising places.

Many other names abound for your masked mutt. Games that feature pieces in two colors may inspire a good name for your two-toned dog. Checkers, Bishop and Rook are good examples. References to two-toned food and desserts may serve as another source of inspiration; Oreo and Cookie may be a good place to begin if you wish to explore this route.

Simone Cole began writing professionally about children, nature and the environment as an environmental educator and communicator in 2008. She holds a teaching degree from Wayne State University and a graduate degree in natural resources management from the University of Michigan. She currently works as an education program coordinator at an environmental non-profit in Detroit, Mich.