Learn how to make your lashes pop!

Fake eyelashes totally make your eyes pop, and are a favorite beauty secret of many celebrities. You might be intimidated to try them yourself, especially on your lower lashline. You'll notice several different varieties of fake eyelashes at the drug store, each with it's own pros and cons. For the lower lashes, your best bet is to pick up a bottle of lash glue, slanted tweezers and package of individual eyelashes. Apply the eyelashes correctly to avoid making a big mess, while still making them look totally hot, and natural.

Clean off your lower lid with a cotton swab dampened with plain water. Allow the eyelids to dry for two or three minutes before proceeding.

Squeeze a single drop of the eyelash glue onto the back of your nondominant hand. In other words, if you're right handed, squeeze the glue on the back of your left hand. Don't worry because the glue won't dry out while you continue.

Grasp one cluster of lashes at the base with a pair of slant-edge tweezers. Don't grab the lashes at the tips, or you could tear or damage them.

Dip the eyelash cluster’s base into the glue. A little bit goes far, so don't overload the fake lashes, or you could wind up with glue in your eyes. Hold the lashes with the tweezers for 10 to 15 seconds -- this will allow glue to get a little tacky, making them easier to attach to your skin.

Apply the individual lash cluster to the outer corner of either bottom eyelid. Don't attach it to the inner eyelid or the skin under your eye. Pay attention while you're attaching the eyelash that it's curved downward to match the natural curve of your bottom lashes. Adjust the eyelashes with your tweezers until they're aligned and sitting directly on the lash line.

Attach the individual eyelash cluster in the same fashion to your other eye. It will look totally natural to only attach one cluster to the outer corner of each lower eyelid. If you decided to add another cluster, pay attention that it's positioned as close to the first cluster as possible, or it could look fake.

Allow the glue to set for three to five minutes before applying mascara. The mascara adds extra volume and helps blend the fake eyelashes in with your real ones, making them appear more authentic.

Things Needed

  • ['Cotton swab', 'Eyelash glue', 'Pack of individual fake eyelashes', 'Slant-edge tweezers', 'Mascara']


  • Remove the fake eyelashes by rubbing a small amount of eyelash remover over the lash line. Use a cotton swab and be careful to avoid getting the eyelash remover into your eye.


  • Never tear off your eyelashes without loosening or removing the glue, or you could rip out your real lashes along with them.