How to Publish a Thesis Online

Online publishing is a cheap alternative to the traditional method.

You've finally finished that major thesis, which represents everything you have learned in your time as a Master's degree student. After being given a final inspection by your thesis committee and a defense of your thesis, it's time to publish it so that others can view your work (and possibly make money off of it.) By publishing online, you can avoid many of the costs incurred with publishing physical books.

Contact your university's library or thesis department. Many times, universities enter into an agreement to allow students to publish their thesis online with a publishing company, often at reduced prices for the student. Check with the library for moving on to the next steps.

Upload your finished thesis to Lulu's self-publishing website (see Resources). Lulu allows you to upload a file to its website, then select the kind of book and backing that you want. It can also help you get an ISBN number for publishing to book stores.

Use Amazon's self-publishing service to publish your thesis (see Resources). Amazon also includes with its service the opportunity to have your thesis published onto Amazon's Kindle E-Book reader for others to read on the go. A thesis distributed as an E-book is ideal for any thesis that is particularly huge.

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