How to Publish a Book With Mcgraw Hill Publishiing

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McGraw HIll is a publishing company focusing on non-fiction educational books. McGraw Hill is actually a parent company with more than 60 subsidiary publishing houses specializing in different areas of education from elementary to medical school texts. If you have a concept or manuscript that fits into the guidelines of McGraw Hill or one of its subsidiary publishing houses, getting it published is contingent on the final product living up to the high expectations for quality that McGraw Hill demands.

  • Textbook manuscript

1 Obtain the guidelines

Obtain the guidelines for proposals directly from McGraw Hill's website ( Read the guidelines extensively to make sure you follow the protocol required from McGraw Hill.

2 Write and submit a proposal

Write and submit a proposal using the online "Proposal Form" listed on the McGraw Hill website under the tab, "How to Publish with Us." Make sure your proposal explains the concept in a short, concise manner relaying what stage the manuscript is in: concept, draft or completed. Note in the proposal your experience or credentials that qualify you to publish as an expert if pertinent.

3 Contact a local sales representative

Contact a local sales representative for the company if your concept is not accepted on a national level. McGraw Hill has a directory locator to help prospective authors meet with representatives face-to-face to discuss a book concept or draft.

  • Make sure your manuscript delivers the content promised in your book proposal. Thousands of books concepts are submitted annually with only a small percentage getting published. If you don't get an acceptance the first time around, take any notes you are given and re-work your manuscript to re-submit, or go to another publisher.

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