How to Print Clock Faces

Clock faces are used to teach children time.

Teachers around the country have been using printed clock faces to teach children how to tell time. Visuals in the form of printed clock faces make it easier for children to understand when a teacher is explaining various clocks and telling time. A child that sees a clock face while the teacher is explaining the process of telling time and what the numbers mean on the clock face is better able to understand.

Find a page of clock faces that are ideal for the classroom. There are free clock face print outs available online at websites like Lucy Learns or SEN Teachers, which have various clock face sizes and styles.

Transfer the pictures from the website to a word document. Usually a simple copy and paste is enough. If the website does not allow copy and paste, it will typically have a link that will allow downloading.

Print preview the document and make sure it is as large or small as preferred. Make adjustments to paper size or clock size if necessary.

Select print to start printing the page of clock faces. When setting up for printing, choose the number of copies needed so that it prints without continually telling it to print more.

Helen Jain has been writing online articles since December 2009 for various websites. She has studied English and psychology and hopes to get a Ph.D. in English in the future.