No matter how confident you feel about your body, there's a time and a place for keeping your cleavage under wraps. Job interviews and formal occasions like funerals aren't necessarily appropriate settings for flaunting your favorite physical assets, so you should keep the cleavage to a minimum -- and doing so is a simple matter of wardrobe choice.

Keeping Your Cleavage Under Wraps

The easiest way to keep your cleavage from showing is, of course, to cover it up -- keep the neckline close to your collar bone, and you won't be baring anything close to inappropriate. That isn't your only option, though, so don't feel obligated to cover up so completely.

For one thing, choose a cleavage-eliminating bra -- these fit with fuller coverage that keeps everything held firmly in place and don't push anything up into an ooh-la-la plunge. Some bras even come with adjustable push-up, so you can change the amount of cleavage they create.

Wear a cami under your shirt for extra cleavage prevention and so you don't have to worry as much about your outer shirt's neckline -- if you wear a button-down shirt with it, you can easily control how much cleavage shows