There’s a fine line between leggings and jeggings. A boiled-down definition of jeggings, in fact, is leggings that are made to look like jeans. While the two are very similar and share quite a bit of overlap, there are a few subtle differences a savvy style maven should tuck in her jean's back pocket.

Here's the Skinny

Modern leggings are a skintight pair of pants, typically made from a blend of Lycra, spandex, knit and Ponte materials. They come in all colors, from basic black and brown to colorful prints, and offer varying degrees of support. Jeggings are tight-fitting, like leggings, but are made either from a denim and spandex blend or synthetic fabrics made to look like denim. At times, designers go as far as to add details like faux pockets, belt loops or cuffs, but many times jeggings are streamlined with a simple elastic waistband. There is debate over whether leggings and jeggings should be worn just like a pair of pants or jeans. In general, if the pair is made from a thick, quality fabric that offers backside support, you can get away with wearing it as pants instead of opaque tights. But to err on the side of caution, rock your next pair of leggings or jeggings with a tunic, long blouse or boyfriend T-shirt that hits past your hips.