The Difference Between Full Coverage & Demi Bras

Both types of bras come lined for added support and unlined in sheer materials.
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Some styles of bras have clear-cut purposes. A padded push-up, for example, keeps curves from disappearing under a chunky sweater while a convertible bra keeps lingerie hidden under a halter top. The differences between full-coverage cup and demi bras can appear subtle, but each style gives distinct shaping under tops.

1 Got It Covered

Think of the full-coverage bra as the traditional triangular shape anchored by a full, comfortable cup. Think of this also as the most natural shape you can choose to wear under a top. These can be of any material from lace to modal, underwire or wireless, but a seamless full-coverage bra offers the smoothest look under a skin-tight top or T-shirt. This bra offers good support for curvier figures and works well if you don't want to show much cleavage with a V-neck.

2 Lower the Top

The demi bra is sometimes called a half-cup bra because the bra dips in front. Its straps sit more to the edge of the shoulders than a full-cut style, and the cut of the underwire demi with or without padding boosts cleavage. Whether made of lace or smooth fabrics, demi bras work with lower-cut tops and V-necks for a sexy shape and lift without the extreme cleavage of a plunging push-up.