How to Get a Certified Copy of a Romanian Birth Certificate

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Birth certificates verify an individual's birth in a specific state or country. Birth certificates provide proof of citizenship, and are used by passport agencies in verifying eligibility. Foreign birth certificates are required for filing applications to obtain status as a lawful permanent resident of the United States. The U.S. Department of State (DOS) maintains a listing of the types and issues of birth certificates it will accept from each country. According to the DOS, Romanian birth certificates are available through the Office of Vital Statistics at the mayor's office in the Romanian town of birth.

1 Call the Office of Vital Statistics

Call the Office of Vital Statistics (OVS) at the mayor's office in the town in which you were born.

2 Ask

Ask for an authenticated copy of the birth certificate. Indicate the number of copies sought. Ask them to fax or mail the authenticated copy of the record to you in the United States. Also inquire whether the OVS would be willing to scan an authenticated copy to you via email. If the copies must be collected in person, ask whether a relative or friend residing in Romania can pick these items up on your behalf to mail to you. Otherwise, travel to the OVS in the town where you were born is required. A fee applies for copies and for authentication.

3 Visit the website

Visit the website of the OVS for your town of birth if available. Ascertain whether birth certificates have been stored as electronic records that can be downloaded online.

4 Collect authenticated copies and pay fees

Collect authenticated copies and pay fees.

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