New-Kitchen Gift Ideas

Small appliances or dishware serve as welcome gifts.
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A new kitchen -- especially if it is a first -- is cause for celebration. Kitchen-related gifts take care of fundamental needs when it comes to cooking, serving or entertaining. Keep the recipient's kitchen-related needs or interests in mind when picking out the perfect gift.

1 Making the Cut

A new kitchen, whether it's a remodel or part of a friend's first apartment, requires a space for cutting food for meal preparation as well as a means of cutting the items. Purchase a cutting board that matches the room's decor for a kitchen remodel; for example, if it has butcher-block countertops, a butcher-block-style cutting board made of numerous small pieces of wood in the same wood tones is a perfect pairing. An artisan-crafted cutting board made from a log adds an element of the outdoors. For a first kitchen, a cutting board paired with cleaning instructions is a welcome gift. A quality kitchen knife set with holder serves as functional countertop decor for any kitchen.

2 Beverage Management

A small appliance geared toward his favorite beverages is a nice addition to just about any home. If he enjoys espresso, an espresso maker provides fuel for his mornings. A regular coffeemaker suits a young adult outfitting her first home or apartment, while a pod-based coffeemaker, along with an assortment of pods, suits someone who prefers to brew one cup at a time and enjoys flavored coffees. A quality blender whips up smoothies, soups and protein shakes for the health conscious. A small refrigerator made specifically for chilling bottled wine or kegs of beer is sure to delight the friend who invites others over for adult beverages on a regular basis.

3 From Stock Pots to Storage

A kitchen without pots and pans presents limitations when it comes to cooking -- rather than simply heating -- food. Offer a complete set of pots and pans for a first apartment or a new home. Specialty cooking vessels such as a pressure cooker, roasting pan or large stock pot suit the chef who wishes to branch out beyond the basics. Storage for leftovers is essential as well. Offer casserole dishes, glass containers designed to go from refrigerator to oven, or storage canisters for dry goods such as pasta, cornmeal and flour.

4 Meal Maintenance

Gifts of dishes, drinkware and cutlery take top billing for a loved one's first home; otherwise, she may be eating her meals with items more suited to a picnic environment. A basic set including four pieces each of dinner plates, cups, bowls and saucers includes enough dinnerware to feed a few friends at a meal, especially if paired with a cutlery set. Glassware ensures she'll have more than just plastic cups to drink from as well. To help manage meal preparation, purchase measuring cups and spoons, and a mixing bowl. For an inexpensive offering, sets of dish towels and dishcloths ensure the kitchen has more than paper towels on hand for cleaning and drying dishes.

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