Homemade cards always warm the heart.

Mother’s Day can be a time to praise your kindergarteners’ moms as well as develop the kids’ writing skills. You can do the following writing activities individually or you can put them all together as a gift bundle.

Mother’s Day Cards

Show the kids how to make their own Mother’s Day cards. Have each child take a piece of colored construction paper and some markers. As the kids get their supplies together, write several phrases on the chalkboard, like “You’re the best,” “I love you” and “World’s Greatest Mom.” Ask the kids to write “Happy Mother’s Day” on the front and any phrases on the inside that they want. Ask them to finish with some nice pictures for decorations.

Say It With Hearts

This writing activity doubles as a usable gift. Create a worksheet with three or four heart shapes on it. Colored paper adds a nice touch, but isn’t a requirement. In each heart, write or type the words “I love you because…” Make enough copies for each child in your class. Ask the kids to fill in the rest, offering spelling assistance, when needed. Once the hearts are filled in, tell the kids to cut the hearts out and use masking tape to connect each to the end of a pen. For each child, place a piece of floral foam into a small flowerpot. Let the kids decorate the flower pot and then stick the ends of the pens into the floral foam. It should look like heart flowers coming out of the pot.

Superhero Status

Young kids often look at their mothers like they have special powers. Ask your students to think about what makes their mom a superhero. Hand them each a large piece of construction paper and have them draw a picture of their mom’s best super power or how she saves the day. Instruct them to write a sentence or two about the picture after they're done drawing.


Kids tend to think they know their moms pretty well. Create a fill-in-the-blank sheet about their mothers for the kids to complete. Write phrases such as “Mom’s favorite food is,” “Her favorite color is ,” “___ makes her smile.” Let the kids use colored pens or fine-tipped markers to make their writing as colorful as their answers. Encourage them to decorate the borders of the sheet, as well.