Celtic Knot Crafts for Preschoolers

Celebrate your Celtic heritage with your preschooler.
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Does your family have Celtic heritage? You can create Celtic knot crafts to celebrate this heritage with your preschooler. The Celtic knot is a traditional Celtic design used in both ancient and modern artwork, and is an important part of the Celtic heritage. Although difficult to draw, you can use a Celtic knot in different forms to make craft projects for your little one.

1 Celtic Knot Sticker Crafts

Little children may not be able to draw a Celtic knot, but they can definitely place stickers with Celtic knot designs onto things. You can find stickers with a Celtic knot pattern or design at any craft supply store. Choose a few different knots, as they come in a wide variety. Show your little one how to place the stickers onto a blank bookmark, on the cover of a special notebook or around the edges of a plain picture frame. Your preschooler could even place the stickers on a blank sheet of paper for fun.

2 Celtic Knot Stamp Crafts

Preschoolers often love to use rubber stamps, which you can find in a Celtic knot pattern from any scrapbooking or craft store that has a scrapbooking section. Hold the stamp in your hand, and place your preschooler's hand on top of your own. Press the Celtic knot stamp on to a washable ink pad, then press it on to another object. You can cover an oatmeal container with construction paper, and stamp Celtic knot stamps all over the outside to make a Celtic drum. Or, you can press Celtic knot stamps on top of a large sheet of craft paper to create handmade Celtic wrapping paper.

3 Celtic Knot Food Crafts

Instead of using art materials to create a fun Celtic knot craft, try using food instead. Certain foods, like pretzels, already feature a simple Celtic knot pattern. You can show your preschooler how to trace around the pretzel to draw the basic Celtic knot shape on a piece of paper, or you can dip the pretzels into cheese or chocolate for a delicious Celtic knot snack. If you have a Celtic knot cookie cutter, or can find one at a specialty kitchen supply or baking store, try making cut-out cookies with your little one that you can decorate.

4 Celtic Knot Iron-On

Many craft supply stores have Celtic knot iron-on decals that you and your preschooler can adhere onto fabrics like plain T shirts, napkins, tablecloths or canvas bags. Celtic iron-on patches and decals require the use of a hot iron in order to fix them onto fabric, so this craft needs strict adult supervision. Once you have attached the decal or patch to your preschooler's shirt or tote bag, she can proudly show off her Celtic heritage everywhere she goes.