How to Minor in Something for College

Minors are usually not listed on your degree, but you can put them on a resume.
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Most people focus on what to major in in college, and overlook the usefulness of minors. A minor is similar to a major in that it is a study of a specific subject, but fewer hours are required to acquire one. There are many reasons to get a minor. The minor may complement your major in a way that will give you an edge when applying for a job, or it may just be a subject you are interested in learning more about. Just as you can have more than one major, you can have multiple minors. Each school has its own requirements for getting a minor.

1 How to Declare a Minor

If you want to minor in a certain subject, you must consult your college website or talk to either the department adviser or your academic adviser to determine the number of hours needed and what forms need filled out. Some minors require as few as 15 hours, while others may require over 20 hours and a project or report. Each school and each department has different requirements for minoring in a subject, including whether classes can be counted toward both your major and your minor, so there is no catch-all answer.

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