PERT Test: How Long Does the PERT College Test Usually Take? How is PERT scored?

Study reading, English and math to prepare for the PERT.
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The Postsecondary Education Readiness Test‌ is a college placement test specific to the state of Florida, and it’s used to determine a high school student’s skills, abilities and readiness for college level coursework‌. The PERT exam is required for all degree-seeking students in the Florida College System and helps determine which initial English, reading and math courses they can enroll in. These computer-adaptive exams give high school students the opportunity to take classes that will earn them college credit (if they earn an acceptable score). Unlike the ACT and SAT tests, the PERT is untimed, but most students typically finish the entire exam in approximately 135 minutes. As with all tests, there are accommodations for students with disabilities.

1 PERT Test Subsets

You will find three subsets on the PERT – mathematics, reading and writing. Each subset has 30 multiple-choice questions and is scored on a range from 50 to 150. Because the test is used for student course placement, there is no set passing score or failing. The placement score received for each section is meant to determine your skill level in those specific subject areas. Since there's no time limit, students can take as long as they need. Each of these subtests will take about 45 minutes to complete.

2 Preparation

If you are a student attending a public high school in florida, you should expect that you will have to take the PERT Test. It’s helpful to note when your test date is so that you can prepare in advance. There are practice questions, practice tests, and PERT study guides available on various online resources (such as The Florida Department of Education website) to help you gain a better understanding of what the actual test questions might look like.

You should also view testing center rules before taking the PERT exam to clarify what items are and are not allowed in the testing center.

3 Retesting

The amount of times you are allowed to retake the PERT Test can vary depending on individual school boards, and some might provide a certain amount of time you are required to wait in between your retests.

Overall, the PERT placement test is meant to help determine which classes are best suited to you for your current skill levels in math and english. Test scores for this exam do not impact your overall grade or the likelihood that you’ll get into your dream college one day; they are simply measurements of a student’s skill levels so their high school can do proper course placement. If you attain a good score in one or all of the subject areas, this means you are eligible to take a college-level course and can potentially receive college credit ahead of time. If not, that’s okay, too! If you struggle with mathematics courses and don’t do as well on the math section, for example, taking a college algebra class likely wouldn’t do you any good moving forward.