Where Is the MEID Number on an HTC Evo?

Your phone's MEID number is unique to your device.
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Every smartphone carries a 14-digit mobile equipment identifier number that is unique to that particular phone. This number is used to assign the phone to a particular cellular network, or to track stolen devices. You can find this number on your phone's original purchase documentation, or on the phone itself.

1 Beneath the Battery

Tucked under your Evo's back cover is the battery, and underneath this important accessory is a sticker with the model number and other identifying information for your phone. One of those pieces of identification is the MEID number, not to be confused with the IMEI number.

2 Within the Phone's Settings

You can find your Evo's MEID number without pulling out the battery, by accessing the phone's settings. Tap the "Menu" button and select "Settings," then "About Phone." Under Phone Identity, you'll see the MEID number for your device.

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