How to Let a Guy Know You Really Like Him Without Sounding Desperate

Bonding together over silly things can let a guy know that you like him.
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You’d rather crawl in a hole than come across as a desperate groupie to your crush. You want to show your interest in him without resorting to such coy tactics as batting your eyes and winking -- you’re just not that kind of girl. Luckily, you can let your guy know that he is pretty amazing while keeping your pride intact.

1 Yes, It's Scary

Rejection is scary. Not having your feelings validated is scarier. And making a fool of yourself makes you want to break out in hives. Letting a guy in on your tender feelings puts you in a vulnerable spot. If the effort fails, it is not so easy to laugh off. But don’t let fear deter you from having the guy of your dreams. With a few wise moves you can keep your dignity and send him the right message.

2 Be Appreciative

Genuine compliments go a long way toward making a guy know you’re digging him. Some guys crave admiration. Tell him you like his shirt, appreciate the little favor he did for you or admire his choice of songs. Men like women who make them feel worthy, smart and strong. If you can do all that and mean it, he may be yours to keep.

3 Two Against the World

Find an inside joke that only you two share. Or maybe vibe over complaining about the same annoying habit one of your teachers does. These things will help bring you closer and put you on the same team. He doesn’t like the new coffee shop? You don’t either? Well, that’s great. Let the world rave about it while you two laugh about it. The key is to keep it light and humorous and this little camaraderie will work like magic in making your potential partner like you, suggest researchers Bernard Murstein and Robert Brust in a 1985 article in the “Journal of Personality Assessment.”

4 A Tricky Touch

Thanks to Hollywood, you know of the firework-effect a simple touch on the arm and shoulder can have. Add spice to this ever-popular tactic by reaching out like you're about to touch him, but stop before you do, to make his imagination go wild wondering what it means. Not only does this drop a hint, it also saves you from being too forward.

Nina Edwards holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and has been writing about families and relationships since 2000. She has numerous publications in scholarly journals and often writes for relationship websites as well. Edwards is a university lecturer and practicing psychologist in New York City.