How to Make a Gemini Man Fall in Love

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Geminis are the flirts of the Zodiac: generous, imaginative, and truly interested in what you have to say. Dating a Gemini can be fun and exciting, but Gemini men tend to keep their relationships casual. It takes something special to make them fall in love. Gemini is the sign of the Twins, and the Gemini man is looking for the partner who will end his duality, a soulmate to ease the lonely search for his own identity.

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Engage him. A Gemini is the sort of person who still subscribes to the newspaper, and reads it over breakfast. If you want to set yourself apart from others, keep up on current events and be prepared to engage in lively discussions. What better way to become important to your Gemini man than to become his source for interesting conversation? Keep emotion out of it; Gemini men want an interesting debate, not a sermon. The moment you become emotional, a Gemini man will close up and look for the exit. A good discussion of facts however, will encourage his incredible imagination.

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Stand out. Gemini men love to talk, and listen. They know a little about a lot, and if you can keep them guessing, you may intrigue them enough to gain the upper hand. Don’t take your Gemini man too seriously, because he tends to follow the fun. When it disappears, so will he. He's perfectly comfortable with his routine, but if you can shake him out of it, he will cherish you. Geminis crave entertainment and adventure, so you need to walk the line between comfort and fun to really pique his interest.

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Soothe and stimulate his senses. Gemini's ruling planet is Mercury, the planet of the nervous system (which is why Gemini men are usually nervous and stressed). Treat your twin to a massage: a simple hand massage when you have a quiet moment together might be just what he needs. Geminis love to do two things at once; while he writes or browses the internet, try standing behind him and rubbing his shoulders, and talk to him about some random subject. It's an excellent way to suggest your needs while respecting his. He won’t be on the computer for long if you approach him subtly.

  • Remember that the Gemini man is a deeply sensitive soul. Geminis do not tolerate people whom they cannot trust. If they suspect you are playing games, they will quickly retreat for their own emotional protection. They need to trust you, and to feel trusted (a particularly difficult dichotomy considering how flirtatious they are).