How to Get a Crush's Attention

Stand out from the crowd to get your crush to notice you.
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Perhaps you have a crush on someone you see every morning, like your science lab partner or the guy who works at the campus gym. Or maybe your crush is on someone who barely knows you exist, like the guy you only see in passing at dorm meetings or in the cafeteria. You can either keep having just a crush or do something about it to get that person's attention. Use your awesome personality, smarts and talent to get and keep your crush's attention.

Find reasons to bump into your crush often. You have a crush, so it's likely you've made it a point to know everything about him, including his class schedule. If you both have a class on the other side of campus, figure out when he leaves for class so you can conveniently bump into him and walk to class together. Don't be a stalker about it though. If you go overboard, waiting to see him after every class or getting caught following him, it could be a turnoff. Stick to only a few "coincidence" run-ins that will keep you on his radar without creeping him out.

Make your crush laugh. Having a good sense of humor is bound to get you noticed. Make a light-hearted joke about the ridiculousness of the homework a certain teacher assigns. Say a line from a popular comedy movie, giving your best impersonation. Be a little self-deprecating and tell him about the time you ran into a screen door when you thought the door was open. You'll definitely stand out with your crush if you can make him laugh and feel comfortable joking around with you.

Impress your crush with your smarts and talents. Getting recognition for your hard work academically, your artistic skills or athleticism will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. Make sure your crush knows that you earned top marks this quarter in AP History or that your leadership helped your soccer team make it to the championship. Be careful not to brag, however, as that could be a turnoff. If he asks you about a recent achievement, acknowledge it in a humble way, letting him know you're flattered that he even asked.

Invite your crush to hang out with you, one on one. Not only does this give you a chance to spend time with your crush alone, it's a clear step that you are interested. If your crush was unsure of your feelings before, asking him to hang out, just the two of you, will get you on his radar. He may be impressed by your confidence and how you are not afraid to put yourself out there a bit. If your crush is interested in you as well, he'll definitely take you up on the offer and perhaps it may be the catalyst that could lead to something more for the two of you.

  • Use simple body language clues to convey your interest in your crush, such as direct eye contact with a smile, turning your whole self toward him to give him your full attention when chatting and an occasional shoulder touch or arm nudge.

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