Preschool Activities on Caves

Don't be scared!
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Preschool activities about caves don’t have to be a dark, gloomy topic. Go on a bear hunting adventure, curl up in the depths of your own bear den or make some spooky flying bats. The best part is that your preschooler might just hibernate after all the excitement of tracking those bears.

1 Make a Bear Cave

Make a bear cave out of a refrigerator box. Seal off one end by closing the lid and taping it shut. Allow him to draw on the inside and outside of his cave. Allow your preschooler to crawl around like bear and get inside to pretend to sleep or hibernate. Give him a fuzzy blanket for this. As a bear, it's now his home and he should be comfy.

2 Read a Book

Get a copy of “We're Going on a Bear Hunt” by Helen Oxenbury. Read it to your preschooler and talk about it. Ask him “Are you afraid?” He will probably respond “I’m not afraid,” just like the book.

3 Go on a Bear Hunt

Act out the lyrics of “The Bear Hunt.” You can find the lyrics at As you walk around the room pretending to go through the gate, over the mountain, through the grass, through the puddle, through the river and finally end up at the cave, sing the lyrics in a funny voice. Use hand gestures and body motions as you go along, such as rubbing your hands together to make a sound like going through tall grass or stomping your feet through the mud puddle. Don’t be surprised if your preschooler wants to do this activity again and again.

4 Make a Bat Cave

Get a large brown grocery bag, crumple it up a bit and open it back up. Cut a bat shape out of black construction paper and hang it from the top of the bag with some string and tape. Make several bats if it suits your preschooler. Have him peer inside to see the bats flying around the dark cave.