How to Make a Horror Film With iMovie

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Kids absolutely love making horror movies. I have been teaching movie making to teens for years--and the movies that they love making the most are the scary ones. iMovie has several features that really aid in the making of a scary movie, including ghost trails, slow and fast motion and the ability to change the footage to black and white. Here are steps to creating a horror film in iMovie.

1 Have the kids

Have the kids come up with a short premise for the movie. Zombies are easy to do, as all they really need is white powder on their face and some black under their eyes.

2 Have the kids-2

Have the kids convert their footage to black and white after they import it.

3 Whenever a zombie is walking alone

Whenever a zombie is walking alone, have them add the ghost trails effect to it.

4 Make the zombie

Make the zombie walk like the characters in "The Ring" and "The Grudge" by speeding up one step and slowing down the next. This is time consuming, but the final effect is really creepy.

5 Add the scary sound effects

Add the scary sound effects and musical accents entitled "Mystery" and "Suspense."

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