"Fox in Socks" Preschooler Activities

Dr. Seuss books are well-loved by kids and adults, alike.
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Once you’ve finished reading the Dr. Seuss book, “Fox in Socks,” don’t be surprised if your preschooler starts sitting in a box like the fox, while talking about the pig band and the grand beetle battle. Offer to play some games to go with the book’s theme and you may just win enough points to be invited to join the band, too.

1 Sewing Socks

If you’ve been looking for a craft project for your leftover scrapbooking paper or cardstock, look no further. Grab that paper and cut it into sock shapes. Punch holes around the edges of your socks, about every one half inch to one inch. Grab some shoestrings and let your preschooler sew his own socks. He can even sit in a large box sewing fox’s socks, if he wants. If you can laminate these sock patterns before using them, they will last for a while.

2 Balancing Boxes

Act out the fox’s balancing act with some cardboard boxes. Shoe boxes or boxes around that size work best for this. Tape the boxes so the flaps and lids don’t come off during the stacking game. Put two “X’s” on the floor with masking tape. Have your preschooler stand on one “X” and hold a box on their head while they walk to the other “X.” He should make it there without too much trouble with the one box, but no judgment if he doesn’t. Once he reaches it, put another box on top of the first box and have him walk back to the starting point. Continue going back and forth, adding one box on top each time he successfully makes it to an “X.” The game ends when the boxes fall. Count how many he successfully transported. Now, your turn.

3 Stacking Blocks

Replicate the tricks of the chicks with bricks for some more indoor fun. Grab some trusty wooden block and challenge your preschooler to a stacking tournament. Each of you takes turns stacking blocks on top of each other until they topple over. If you accidentally knock them over on your turn, make it sneaky and try to be a good sport that your preschooler conquered you in the stacking game.

4 Make a Band

Making noise is one of the most apparent qualities that a preschooler possesses, so this activity should come naturally. If you have a kid’s drum or other musical instrument, grab it. If not, grab a large plastic or metal mixing bowl and a wooden spoon from the kitchen. Let your preschool shine with his musical talent as you lead the band while waving a broom in the air. Any siblings or friends can join in on the music making, too. Don’t forget your band’s signature duds, either--mismatched socks, the crazier the better.

5 Beetle Battle

Instead of smashing live bugs with your preschooler, try a gentler, cleaner route to "Fox in Socks" fun. Fill an empty soda bottle three-quarters full of water. Fill the rest of the bottle with mineral oil. Add a few drops of blue food coloring to make your water blue as the sea. Throw in a handful of lightweight plastic beetles and secure the bottle cap on tight. Just to make sure you don’t end up with an exploded beetle battle all over your new carpet, apply a thick stream of hot glue around the lip of the bottle cap to secure it in place. Hand the bottle over to your preschooler once the hot glue has cooled and let him watch the beetle battle.