A T-shirt may be an everyday basic, but wearing one still requires the right bra. Clingy t-shirt fabrics don't leave a lot to the imagination, so unlined or seamed bras are definitely out. Fortunately, there's a bra as practical as your everyday T-shirt to solve this problem and prevent unwanted bra lines or worse.

Terrific T-Shirt Bras

The solution to clingy knit fabric is a molded cup bra or T-shirt bra. These bras have a formed cup, made of a thin, but dense fiber, which creates a smooth, rounded line under your shirt, keeping you covered. T-shirt bras are typically underwire, but wireless options are available. You can choose from full-coverage, balconette, or plunging styles, depending upon your body and the cut of your T-shirt. You'll find these stylish undergarments in colors and prints perfect to wear under dark-colored T-shirts, and nude and skin tones to pair with white and light-colored tees. While these molded-cup bras are called T-shirt bras, they're also a great choice for an everyday bra. Use it as a go-to for thin blouses, or any time you want subtle coverage and support.