Hi, my name is Stefan. Today, I'm going to be speaking on logic and math learning styles. Let's take for example algebra because algebra has a lot of logic in it, X = 3 and let's say I want to simplify it or move the 3 over. Some people would just give an algorithm. They will say when you are moving it over, just multiply by -1. So that's X moving that over - 3 = 0 and that's a algorithmic way to do it but the logic behind that is if X equals 3 then if I want to get a 0 on this side, then I would add both sides by the opposite of 3 so I'll put -3 and -3 and we have our different equation but you get to the same result. So one way is learning algorithms multiplied by -1 and another way is to apply logic and it's good to use logic, this helps.