Ideas for Teacher Incentives

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Teachers work extremely hard each day and work well past school hours. It is important that the principal recognize and appreciate the teacher by providing incentives for a job well done. This recognition can be based on the teacher fulfilling school goals or for raising student achievement.

1 Merit Pay

Provide an incentive by paying the teacher for a job well done. This merit pay may be based on her students' academic accomplishments or goals that she has completed within the school. Increasing a teacher's pay, whether through a raise or bonus check, is well deserved for the many demands that teachers meet.

2 Vacation Days

Give the teacher an extra vacation day away from school where she can relax and pamper herself. Pay for a substitute teacher so the teacher will know that her class is well taken care of to reduce worry. Taking a break from classroom duties helps to reduce stress and gives the teacher a chance to recharge herself to meet more challenges that will come in the classroom.

3 Gift Card

Present the teacher with a gift card for a nice treat. It is important to know the teacher's taste to choose a store to buy the gift card. It can be a card for a nice restaurant, book store, movies or cups of her favorite coffee or tea. Place the card in a nice greeting card to present.

4 Gift Basket

Present the teacher with a gift basket filled with goodies the teacher likes to snack on. Prepare the basket yourself or order one already completed. Decide a theme for the basket like sweets, crackers and cheeses or coffee packets. Wrap the basket in decorative cellophane and place a bow on top.

5 Plants and Flowers

Plants and flowers are a beautiful way to say "Thank you" or to show appreciation. Give the teacher a potted plant of greenery that she can display in her classroom. This gift will last year after year. Another choice is to reward her with a fresh bouquet of seasonal flowers.

Based in North Carolina, Victoria Thompson has taught middle school for the past 15 years. She holds a Masters of Education in middle school instruction from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She teaches English daily to English as a second language students.