When you’re acting as a class monitor, you are helping the teacher create and maintain order in the classroom and around the school campus. The teacher can assign the class monitor any number of duties, so be prepared to assist her with whatever she needs at that time, even if it strays from your normal routine. The main focus of this job is to help the classroom run more smoothly, safely and efficiently.

General Monitor Duties

Your responsibilities as a class monitor may be limited to the classroom or extend beyond it. Hall monitors have responsibilities that straddle the classrooms and school halls. School monitors generally have the broadest responsibilities. Titles and associated duties can vary considerably from school to school. Setting up and breaking down the classroom may be how you start and end your day as a class monitor, if you’re not assigned other duties during that time. You may have to locate students that are on campus but not in a classroom. Collecting, grading and returning homework can be part of your duties. You may need to remind students to stay on task and follow the daily schedule. If the teacher assigns you the power, you could be allowed to discipline in a courteous, but firm, manner, such as giving verbal warnings or sending a student to the principal.