How to Write a Police Letter for a Ride Along

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A police ride along allows civilians to shadow a police officer during his or her shift. During the ride along, you will sit in the passenger seat of the police car, and observe the daily routines of a cop. People request ride alongs for various reasons, including wanting to see what police work is like before deciding to go into it as a career. Journalists or writers who wish to get firsthand experience, students doing a project on the subject, or even people who are just curious about what police officers do also ask for ride alongs.

1 Search

Search for a ride-along request form online with your local police department. Many police forces will have these forms available to print and fill in. Contact your local police station if you cannot find the form online.

2 Check the minimum age requirement before filling out the form

Check the minimum age requirement before filling out the form. Minimum age will vary from police force to police force.

3 Fill out the form

Fill out the form including your personal information and when you wish to go for the ride along.

4 Fill

Fill in the section that asks for your reason for the request. Be concise, explaining exactly why you are interested in a ride along. Sign the application and take to your local police station.

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