How to Write a Reinstatement Letter for College

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Many students leave or are expelled from their university for failing to do well academically. In many universities, up to half of all freshmen are dismissed for academic reasons or quit during their first year. Some students respond by spending time outside of school to make improvements, and later request to be reinstated to the university. When this occurs, the student must write a formal letter to request reinstatement and the admissions department must make a decision whether to readmit the student.

1 Begin the letter by typing your address

Begin the letter by typing your address. Type the date, followed by the name of the contact person at the Office of Admissions, the name of the department, the name of the university and the university address.

2 Start the letter

Start the letter by identifying yourself and giving your student ID. State that you are writing to apply for reinstatement to the university and give the date of the expulsion. Outline in detail why you were expelled.

3 Explain why your situation has improved

Explain why your situation has improved. For example, if you failed because you did not take school seriously, tell the admissions counselor why you have a different mindset now. If you failed because of personal problems, explain how those issues have resolved and what you have learned from the experience. Be sincere and professional.

4 Detail an action plan for success

Detail an action plan for success. If you are willing to attend tutoring, for example, explain that. The admissions committee will want to know what you are prepared to do to improve and be successful.

5 Thank the recipient for her time

Thank the recipient for her time. Provide your telephone number and e-mail address for her in case she needs to contact you by those means.

6 Close the letter by typing Sincerely

Close the letter by typing "Sincerely," and leave several blank lines before typing your full name. Print the letter and sign it before mailing.

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