How to Write a First Time Visitors Letter

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A well-written and welcoming first-time visitor letter may turn a casual church visitor into a full-time member of your church family. A visitor may find it difficult to learn about all the benefits of your church by attending one service. The visitor follow-up letter is your opportunity to invite the visitor to return and to describe the programs that your church provides to members and to the community. Write this letter in a warm and welcoming manner and extend a standing invitation to visit your church again.

1 Thank the visitor

Thank the visitor for attending the church service in the first paragraph of the letter. Tell the visitor that you and your church family enjoyed meeting her. Address the visitor by her name in the salutation of the letter. Extend an invitation to the church visitor to return for services next week.

2 Describe the benefits of membership

Describe the benefits of membership in your church including information about special programs for adults, the facilities and Christian education opportunities. Describe your church as a family where everyone is welcome. Explain some of the ministries that the visitor may find interesting.

3 Include a list

Include a list of times for worship services, meeting times for community service outreach programs and Christian education classes. Emphasize programs available for children and special groups for adults. Conclude the letter with another invitation to return to the church and provide all contact information and the church website.

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